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Do You Believe These Dental Myths?

Posted on 2/24/2015 by Jonathan Woodyard
Girl Brushing Teeth There are a large number of dental myths floating around that often prevent people from getting proper dental attention. It is time to get the truth out there so that everyone can obtain proper dental care in the hopes of helping people keep their natural teeth and prevent invasive dental procedures in the future.

•  Dessert is the only food that causes cavities. There are many other foods and drinks that can contribute to tooth decay. Any food or drink that contains sugar or carbohydrates can create acids in your mouth that eat away at the enamel.
•  Kids have the highest occurrence of tooth decay. In fact, senior citizens beat kids with occurrences of tooth decay, but everyone is at the same risk. In order to lower your risk, it is important to eat a healthy diet, drink water, brush and floss your teeth and see the dentist twice a year.
•  You do not have a cavity if you do not have pain. Tooth decay does not always show signs until it is extreme. If you let a cavity fester until it gets to the root of your tooth, you will be in extreme pain and need more than a simple filling to rectify the problem.
•  Teeth are replaceable. Yes, teeth can be replaced, but nothing is better than your natural teeth. We do everything possible to help our patients keep their natural teeth. You only get one chance at your original teeth;
•  it is important to do what you can to keep them healthy.
•  A little blood is normal. If you see blood when you are brushing your teeth, no matter how small the amount, it is never normal. You should seek immediate dental attention in order to determine the cause and get treatment right away to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Now that you know the truth about these common dental myths, take the time to share them with a friend.

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