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Why do I need Two Dental Appointments a Year?

Posted on 7/15/2015 by Jonathan Woodyard
A calendar with a tooth on a day reminding you of your dental appointment!A common question that we get asked at our office is why it is important to come in twice a year for a checkup? How much can teeth really change in just six months? This is the reason many people omit going to the dentist as often as necessary and why they end up needing more intensive procedures than others - they skipped those very important bi-annual appointments.

The Parts of the Dental Checkup

The dental check-up is done in two components. The first part is when we check your mouth for any issues. These issues could be cavities, gum disease, or any issues anywhere in your head, neck, or throat. The basic idea is for us to get an idea of what is going on in your mouth.

We look for obvious things like tooth decay that needs to be filled, teeth that may need to be extracted due to serious issues, cracked teeth, gum issues, and any signs of cancer. If there is a need for further investigation on any issues, we will conduct x-rays or send you to a specialist for further inspection, depending on what problems we found.

This part of the dental check-up is crucial to your overall wellbeing. If problems are caught early on, the treatment is typically much easier and can be less invasive. If you skip your bi-annual appointments, however, these issues can become worse and more invasive treatment will be necessary. In the case of oral cancer, the need to diagnose early is rather obvious, which is why we highly encourage our patients to keep their appointments.

The second part of the dental check-up is the cleaning. This is when we provide a professional cleaning of your teeth. This cleaning is much more detailed and effective than your standard cleaning. If there is plaque or tartar built up on your teeth, it will be professionally removed. In fact, tartar can only be removed by a professional, which is yet another reason why the check-ups are so important.

An excessive amount of tartar build-up could cause you to start having gum issues, including gum disease. The process of removing the tartar is called scaling and is often what many patients dread about the dental cleaning. We can assure you that we do everything to ensure your comfort while we get your teeth clean and by coming in every six months, the scraping is really able to be kept to a minimum.

Caring for Your Teeth at Home

In order to ensure that your oral health checkups go as smoothly as possible, it is important to practice proper oral health care at home. Take the time to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. It is very important that you do not skip flossing your teeth as this is your biggest defense against gum disease. It only takes a few minutes to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth and it helps to keep your teeth clean and your mouth free from any diseases.

The next time you think about skipping your bi-annual dentist appointment, try to think about the consequences. You could be putting yourself at risk for various diseases that are damaging to your oral and physical health. The appointment does not take long and can end up saving your life or at least a lot of hassle down the road. We make our dental checkups as quick and painless as possible while still providing our patients with quality care.

If it is time for your dental checkup, please call our office today. Our staff is ready to provide you with a quality dental cleaning!


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