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Eating After a Teeth Cleaning?

Posted on 4/20/2016 by Jonathan Woodyard
An elderly woman having her teeth examined.Getting your teeth cleaned by a pro is recommended once every six months. These cleanings allow your hygienist to remove plaque and tartar to prevent future oral health problems, and it also gives your dentist the chance to examine your teeth.

These appointments can detect small problems - and fix them - before they have the chance to become major and expensive issues.

After your dental cleaning, you'll have fresh breath and smooth, polished teeth. These effects can last for hours or even a day, but you may be wondering when you can put your mouth back to work and start eating again. Your dentist should tell you when you can eat and drink again before you leave, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

First, remember that fresh feeling that you had as soon as you left your dentist's office? How long do you want that to last? Many people will delay eating just to keep that clean and smooth feeling around for just a little bit longer. However, if you didn't have a fluoride or any other special treatment done at your appointment, you are really fine to start eating whenever you want.

Fluoride treatments are a different story. If you had a fluoride treatment as part of your cleaning, your dentist should advise you to wait at least a half an hour before you eat or drink.

This will give the treatment time to take full effect, and your teeth will be given the chance to fully absorb the compound. Also, when you do start eating again after a fluoride treatment, make sure that you are avoiding foods that are abrasive or acidic, as this could cause the fluoride to come off due to the stickiness or scraping.

If you have questions about your dental cleaning and when you can return to your normal diet, be sure to contact our dental office today.


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