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Can Allergies Hurt my Teeth?

Posted on 7/10/2016 by Jonathan Woodyard
A man suffering from severe allergies that are affecting his oral health!Allergy season can be a miserable time of year, sinus pressure, headaches, itchy eyes, and yes, tooth pain. The sinus pressure of allergies can cause our upper molars to feel the same effects we feel when we have an infection, even though there is no infection present.

How do my allergies cause my teeth to hurt?

Pressure in our head can just cause a person to feel miserable all over. When our body is exposed to an allergen, it responds with the increased production of mucus to rid our body of the irritant.

This added mucus can create pressure that can cause our ears to be uncomfortable, our head to hurt, and even our jawbone to ache. The root tips of our teeth are also very sensitive and react to the pressure increase with pain. Additionally, increased pressure may make the patient more sensitive to hot and cold, adding to their discomfort.

Besides pressure, our mouth can also suffer problems when we try to combat sinus pressure with medication. Products including antihistamines and other medications used to alleviate allergies are known to reduce the saliva in our mouths causing dry mouth. Saliva is a protective agent in our mouths, without it, dry mouth can lead to increased cavities, bad breath and even gum disease.

What should allergy sufferers do?

Allergy season will pass. For most patients this is a temporary condition. We would like to see you for a checkup during this time to ensure that the pain you are feeling is in fact due to allergies and not an actual infection. Allowing an infection to continue because you are assuming the pain is due to allergies can have larger problems.

Please contact us for more information on alleviating the pain associated with nasal pressure. There are over the counter products including decongestants we can recommend to help alleviate any dental pain.


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