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Three Ways to Easily Calm Your Dental Fears

Posted on 1/20/2017 by Jonathan Woodyard
A woman suffering from dental anxiety.Dental fears can keep you from seeking dental care regularly or when you know you need it. If you let your fears control you, you may lose teeth to decay that you could otherwise have saved.

Taking the time to get past your dental fears can significantly improve your oral health, plus your body's overall health. Here are a few easy things that you can do to get over your dental fears and get the care you need.

Calming Your Dental Fears Takes Persistence

The first thing you can do to help calm your dental fears is to look up what you need to have done. Knowledge is power, as they say, so empower yourself by knowing what to expect. The next thing you can do is to ask for some type of oral sedation.

The less aware you are of what is going on, the less there is to worry about. Having work done while sedated allows you to feel peaceful instead of fearful, and may even help you overcome the fears you had altogether.

Finally, talking to your dentist may help. This may sound counterproductive, but dentists know that many patients are nervous when they come to see them. They get it, as they are human, too. Talk with your dentist and allow him or her to help you feel more at ease. You may be surprised how good you feel after a simple conversation.

Once you have figured out what works to get you past your dental fears, go in and have your first confident appointment. Smile when you walk in because you know you are taking control over your oral health.

Feel good about your choice to become empowered, and allow your dentist to see this new side of you. You will both feel better for your efforts.

Please contact our office to help you overcome your fear of the dentist.


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