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Foods that Help Protect Against Tooth Sensitivity

Posted on 4/20/2017 by Jonathan Woodyard
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Sensitive teeth are a real pain. Every time you ingest something that is too hot or too cold, you get a sharp pain shooting through your jaw. Even a blast of cold air can be unbearable. Sensitive teeth are caused by a variety of factors, including acidic foods, but there are foods you can eat that will help to protect against this painful problem.

Dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt - are all high in calcium. Calcium is an essential building block for strong teeth, helping to keep the enamel of your teeth in good condition.

Without sufficient calcium, your enamel weakens, leaving you susceptible to sensitivity. Allergic to dairy or vegan? That's okay. There are plenty of other sources of calcium out there, including fortified non-dairy milks, dark leafy greens, and almonds.

Foods High in Vitamin D

In order for your teeth to get the calcium they need, your body first needs to absorb it. To do this, you need to also make sure to take in plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D is often added to fortified milk (both dairy and non). You can also find it in many fish, eggs and mushrooms.

Foods High in Oxalate
Foods high in oxalic acid can help protect against tooth sensitivity by filling in the openings to the channels in your dentin, preventing pain. Spinach, bananas, and beets are good sources of oxalic acid. Just be careful with these foods, as those who are prone to kidney stones may have an adverse reaction.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Crunchy fruits and vegetables - apples, carrots, celery - are excellent for teeth. While you chew, these foods scrub your teeth, and you don't need to exert any extra effort. The added chewing also stimulates saliva flow. Saliva kills harmful bacteria, washes it away and brings with it calcium and other important minerals that your teeth need to remain strong.

While many foods can harm your teeth, there are plenty more out there that can help. For more information on how to protect your teeth against sensitivity, be sure to contact our office.


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