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ClearCorrect™ Invisible Braces

ClearCorrect® is a form of orthodontic aligner that gives patients a simple and clear alternative to traditional wire braces. With no metal braces, wires or unsightly brackets you have more reason to smile, more often!

How Do Invisible Braces Work?

ClearCorrect® uses a series of orthodontic aligners that gradually shift the teeth, in small increments. As you wear the aligners, the teeth will continue to move closer to the optimal position, eventually reaching the desired position, which leaves you with a new and improved smile!

ClearCorrect invisible braces at Woodyard Dental Care in Paducah KY

The ClearCorrect™ Process

Getting your perfectly straight smile is probably much easier than you think!

Your Evaluation

The process starts with a simple visit to see Dr. Woodyard, DMD of Woodyard Dental Care, where you will undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if this orthodontic treatment is the right solution for you. Dr. Woodyard will take the time to gather precise impressions, photos, and X-rays that will unveil any potential obstacles to determine whether this orthodontic treatment is the best option for you.

Order Your Aligners

Once Dr. Woodyard has determined that you are a candidate for such a treatment method, the impressions will be sent to the ClearCorrect™ Laboratory where the fabrication of your custom made aligners will begin. Generally speaking, you can expect that your custom aligners will be completed and ready for treatment within three to four weeks of your initial visit to see Dr. Woodyard.

Progress Check-in

Patient smile before teeth alignment at Woodyard Dental Care Paducah
Original smile

After smile makeover with invisible orthodontic aligners from Woodyard Dental Care
Smile makeover with invisible orthodontic aligners

Every six weeks Dr. Woodyard will evaluate the progress of the process to ensure that your teeth are shifting to the desired degree. In order to achieve optimal results, you must wear your ClearCorrect® aligners exactly as prescribed by Dr. Woodyard, which generally means wearing them all of the time – only removing to brush, floss and eat.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect™

The ability to remove the aligners throughout the treatment process allows for adequate ability to clean and care for your teeth properly, which is one of the inherent advantages of this clear aligner therapy as compared to alternative orthodontic solutions.

How Long Does ClearCorrect™ Take?

The length of required ClearCorrect™ invisible aligner treatment will vary on a case by case basis. Where you can assume that the more that the teeth require shifting, the longer the treatment can be expected to last. Treatment can last anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the severity of the case.

Are ClearCorrect™ Aligners Right For You?

You will undergo a thorough evaluation by Dr. Woodyard to determine if ClearCorrect™ is the right orthodontic solution for you. Most patients qualify for this type of clear orthodontic alignment treatment, but not all. ClearCorrect® offers a solution to teeth straightening that is virtually invisible – most people will not even notice that you are undergoing treatment. The aligners are not only clear and invisible, but removable so that you may continue to practice proper oral hygiene and undergo preventative services. They are so comfortable that you will likely not even notice that they are there, meaning no pain like that of which is normally associated with traditional braces. In addition to all of that, they are also affordable! This flexible treatment is not for everyone, but Dr. Woodyard will help to determine if you can benefit from such a flexible straightening solution.

Call the offices of Woodyard Dental Care today to learn more about ClearCorrect™ treatment.


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